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00:00 Nachtschiene >> musik@radiofabrik.at: by N.Fuchs 01:00 My favourite Music. Great music from David Hubbles private collection. 02:00 Jazznight by N. Fuchs 03:00 Nachtschiene >> musik@radiofabrik.at 06:06 Frühschicht >> musik@radiofabrik.at 07:06 Frühschicht >> musik@radiofabrik.at 08:06 stepping to the a.m. >> musik@radiofabrik.at: by N.Fuchs 09:00 Menschen in Aktion. Menschenwürde, soziale Gerechtigkeit und Solidarität. 09:30 lauschbox. Das Emailwerk-Radiomagazin für Kultur, Wissen und Leben. 10:06 KECK on Air!. Kinderradio des soziokulturellen Stadtteilprojekts KECK. 10:36 stepping to the a.m. >> musik@radiofabrik.at: by N.Fuchs 11:00 stepping to the a.m. >> musik@radiofabrik.at: by N.Fuchs 12:00 Best of Hörenswert. Das Beste aus über 400 Alben der Woche. 13:00 The Rocking 50s. Eine Stunde Hillbilly, Rockabilly und Rock 'n' roll mit Erik van de Meerakker. 14:06 Wos sogga? Freies Radio Pinzgau. 15:00 Black Pearl. Musik für Frieden in den Köpfen und Verstand in den Herzen. 16:00 Jugendradio: Schulworkshop-Produktionen 16:37 Playlistbattle >> musik@radiofabrik.at 17:06 Hannes Wader zum 76. Geburtstag - eine Sendung von Claus Gomig 18:00 Hirnhören. Weltdeutung von A - Z. 19:06 Geographical Imaginations. Brief Expeditions into the Geographies of Everything and Nothing. 20:00 FVONK dich FREI. Der Radiotalk mit AlltagsheldInnen. (2018.06.15) 21:00 Radio Salsa Salzburg. Salsa, Merengue und Latin on Air. 22:00 Freakadellen Funk. Die Plattform für elektronische Musik in Salzburg. 23:00 Freakadellen Funk Mixing Slot. (Live)Sets der Plattform für elektronische Musik in Salzburg.
Programm Musik Musik aus Salzburg

Musik aus Salzburg

Think global, Act local

Als erstes Freies Radio hat die Radiofabrik eine Quote für Musik aus Salzburg eingeführt. Mehr als 500 Titel von MusikerInnen und Bands aus Stadt und Land haben die RF-MusikredakteurInnen Phil Granbacher, Mirjam Winter, Niko Fuchs, Franz Stadler und Romana Stücklschweiger zusammengetragen und digitalisiert. Im nicht moderierten Programm sind pro Stunde mindestens zwei Titel aus Salzburg zu hören:

Frühe Rockheroen wie Ginga Rale und HipHopper wie Karyzma, von Salzburgs erster New Wave Band Die Punkte über Present Tension, von der Frauen-Weltmusik-Gruppe Affenbrot bis zu The Merry Poppins, von Dr. Opin bis zu den Steaming Satellites uvm.

Unsere RadiomacherInnen sind eingeladen, sich aus dem Salzburg-Ordner im Musik-Archiv zu bedienen. In den Eigenproduktionen Götterfunk und Szenenwechsel präsentiert die Radiofabrik in Studiosessions Bands und bietet Hintergrundinformation und Service für lokales Musikschaffen.

Ein großes Dankeschön von Georg Wimmer & Romana Stücklschweiger an Wolfgang Descho vom Rockhouse und an Bernhard Dusch von der Sendung Rock-History, die extra für uns Schätze aus ihren Archiven gehoben haben.

Welche Titel von welchen Bands wir ausgewählt haben, könnt ihr unten nachlesen. Die Liste kann naturgemäß nur vorläufig sein. Auf eure Ergänzungsvorschläge freuen wir uns schon musik@radiofabrik.at.


Musik aus Salzburg – Jingle

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Die Local Airplay-List der Radiofabrik:

Aardvarks: Keep On Living
Abteilung B: Spiegel, Zugabe, Rebell
Affenbrot: Wawa!, Kpanlogo
All Purpose Red: Pink to my blue
Nikolaus Altmann: Naschmarkt
Allen Alexis: Dance Into The Morning, Here Tonight, I Gave Up, Who CaresChris Amrhein: Ganz da
Android Love Caravan: Aphrodite, Alphabet Soup
Arco Iris: Sebastiana
Ariah: Spring and Summer, Tangled
Arv: Regelwerk, Geisterbahn, Kunst
Audiodope: Biodégradable, Me with hooves on
Audiogambit-Creatures: dndb
August the butcher: August (2008)
Awake: See-through-Girl

Back To Felicity: Back Then In Paris, Dystopia, Liars
Backwards Charm: Dreamlessly, Miserable, Drown In Doubts
Rudolf Baranyai und Andreas Brennsteiner: blue (seven + a half)
Been Obscene: Cut The Rope, Come Over, How It Feels, Uniform
Betty’s Apartment: Wie hält man fest, The Last Part, Die Ballade vom Zündler, Murphy’s Law, Tage Wie Diesen, Leuchtfeuer, Klischees & Rock’n’Roll, Weekends
Black Nova: Soul Reaper (2008), Fuzzomania, Fire And Pills, Exit, Cut Off My Wings
Blank Manuskript: After The War Part I, After The War Part II, Breath Of The Island, Society, The Cult Of Birdman, The Waiting, Induction, Doubts
Bluesbrauser: I fiacht mi vor’m Friseur, Es kennts mi, An am Tag wia dem, Erika, I muas in d´Schui, Nudelzua, Piercing, Psycho, Wenn sie lacht, I Ko Mi Nid ENtscheidn
Blueswuzln: Get Behind Me, Do I Have To Hesitate, I Ain’t Gonna Worry, I’m A, Stranger, Long Distance, Mood For Love, Nobody But Me, Strange Sensation, Waitin‘ For Sunrise
BoomBastards: My Dear Friend Damocles, Go for the max
Matt Bourke: Cooma TownBrainless: Dreams, Time To Change
Briggman: On The Hill
Brian Brain: Resign For Art, Rushing For The 20 Minutes, The Weapon Is Music
The Burning Desert Ships: Down Here, Love Songs No. 10 Part I & II, Come On, Let’s Get Ready, The Spaceship, Coming Around
The Buttons: People for liberty

Caecilia: Himmel, Mir schmeckt da Müll, Freedom
Camo & Kahn: No Bounds, Sudden Funk
Cash & Powder: Ballad Of A Lonely Man, Take Your Own Way, Time
Celtic Grass: Devils Dream, Long Time Gone, Looking In The Eyes Of Love, Out Of The Weekend, Out Of The Woods, Sin Wagon, The Briar And The Rose, The World Turned Upside Down, Top Of The World
Chili And The Whalekillers: Smile, Turn, Who’s Gonna Throw The First Stone, A Brick Smashed My Window, Come With Me, The Crying Clown
Chillin con Carma: Chillin Con Carma
Colour Line: Must Be The Music, West Company Rider
Comacat: Maniac, Design For A Coma, Moths, Catwalk, Supernova
Concrete Cowboys: Everything Is Visible, You Can Turn It On
Coshiva: Shine alight on me, Sister, Black Red Or Green, Presence Of Vienna, These Leaves, Got My Groove, Tricky Tricks, A Girl Like Me, Mississippi Queen
Crude: Tied At The End

Dame: Lieblingsmensch
Dandelion: Microgravity, Breath Under Water, Fading Embers, Liminal
Danica: Djelem-Djelem, Jovano Jovanke
Das geile Institut: An alle Schafe, Ist es Zufall
Dash: Ride On (2008)
Deadnote.Danse!: Walk The Line, Too Much For Nothing, Stopsign, Crashing Crush, Icevine, Rush, White Wall, Skinny, Synced
Defy: Window Into The Unknown (2008)
Deep Illumination: Desperation
Deep Sea Mud: 3 Chords, That’s Life, When
Der Berg: Kohlmoassa
Disgrace: Ska Punk Girl, Bastard, We Know U Know
Dishonesty: Kicked Around
Dizzy High 3: The Product Of These Pictures, Undone
Doppelkeks: Take1, Take2
Dos And Dust: A Song For The World, Sallow, Island
Dos Bastardos: Funkified, Superska, Yellowmockingbird, Yellowmalai, Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho, Fitting Instructions, Viola Bastarda, Algeria
Drawindreams: Inkognito
The DreamCatchers: Flower Of Spring, I Will Be Back, Ordinary Love, Unhidden, Wake Up, Flowers Flowers, Don’t You Know, It’s Only A Lovesong, Rush HourDr. Bauer & Tinnitus Combo: The End (2008)Dr. diDubbo: Beerbottledub, La Revolte Animale
Dr. Opin: Dr. Opin, Dream Room, Everywhere, In A Manner Of Speaking, North East Summer Wind, Time Garden
D.struct suburbans: Epictime

The Echo: Don’t Forget
EHM: Dark Night
Elamboda: Atmosphere, Supernova, Too Far, Carpe Diem, Get Me Out Of Here
Die Experten: Mit dir, Helden

Fey Unison: Am I Fallen, Pride Before I Fall
The Fiesta: Bye Bye Lady (2008), Sexy
Mike Fink: Talk About It
Five Minute Fall: Love Is Dead
Foggy Dew: Morning Flight, Walk Alone, I love You Angelina, Mummy’s On The Phone, Ordinary Love, Flowers Flowers Flowers, Late November Song, Stone In My Shoe, My Blue Danube River
The Flying Hellfish: My Best Friend, Here With Me
Frame: Unexptected Misery, Explode, Easy, Naked, Silence_Voilence, Waiting
Robert Friedl: Feel The Life, Listen To The Secrets Of Your Heart
The Frozen Orchestra: Freak Control, Rollow, Russian Slurs
Funic: Jesus
Funktrain: Funkside Story

Bertram Gaisböck: Toker
Roland Geisberger: Morgenwach
Ghous Come Knockin: Psychonaut, Dead Beat Glory, Bastard Patrol, Ghouls Nite Out
Ginga Rale: Information, Steindorf 2
Godzillas Dimension: Flieg
Gospel Dating Service: Beat, Heaven’s court, Mister, show me your sister, Red
Guess Why: Paranoid City, My Heart In Blood, Lost Prospects

Sabina Hank: Far From Eden, Music In A mirror, Purple River
Peter Haselwander: In A Minute
H.C.: Bodypainting, Kangaroo
Heidelbert: In Liebe Fallen, Das Bier Meiner Katze, Laute Fliegen
The Helmut Bergers: I Got Your Money, Salon Kitty, Bitch of a Company
HELO: Dancing on your own, Waiting
Herzblut: Du Sagst
High And Low: Narrow Road, She’s Gone, Tell Me The Meaning Of Things
High Level Headphones: I’ve Got, Hoodwink, Hold On, Leave It All Behind, Camels, Fade Away, Time Keeps Him Waiting
Hot Pants Road Club: Bommerang, Especially Tonight, Back Into Business, Carry On, I’m A Man, Movin‘ To Me, Recreate Yourself, Stay
Jakob Hörl: Manchmal, Look At Me
Hot Can Luck: Eleven Elephants I, Eleven Elephants III, Bus Line No. 4, Gadabout Blues
Huschke: Eclipse, Erectus

Invocata: Die Sunn geht auf, Little Angel, Nightride Through The Moonlight, On The Threshold Of Eternity, Playa de la Luna, Sunnawend, Uusi Kesä, Wait For
Instructor: Mirror On The Wall, Mr Moneyman, The Beast
ION: Borderline, Bomb the world with flowers
Isis Noreia: Komm mit, Die Raben

Jalapeno Compadres: Little Rider, Road To Love, China Made, Live Up To Your Dreams
Jayo: Give Me Hate, She Was Down
Jännerwein: Daran haben wir die Liebe erkannt, Sehnsucht
Jedendorf: Con Moto, Mentally Deranged
Jimi & The Zodiacs: Love is repaid by Love alone
Florina Jindra: Well
The John Doe’s: Insane, New York, City and me
Josh & Die Emotionen: Nimm mich mit zur Donau, Alarm, Lieb Heimatland

Kakilambe: Adoa
Kalliopi: My Muse (2008), Face The Music
Kartal: Nasihat, Nicht leiser werden, Ruffness, Soizburga Rap(FBI Mix)
Karyzma: Eine Liebe, Ich Du Er, BPM
Katapher: One Day Near A Harbour
Kings And Slaves: Kings And Slaves, Together, Loose Myself
Manfred Kirchmaeyer & Jean-Baptiste Marchand: Sonate für Klavier und Rockgitarre
K3: Bei wem bei wos, Bingo, Der Totengräber, Du Dave Du, Du Paul Du, Furioso, The Virgin And The Stag, U
Klezmner Connection, The: Der Najer Scher
Kosmotron: Orion, Raumgleiter, Uncaria Tomentosa, Hexagon, Schall7, Tentakel
Florian Kindlinger: Variationen auf La Boheme mit reduziertem Libretto
Kings Of Things: Bitter
Die Koruppte Beamten KG: Great Town
K. O. System: Immer noch da

Die Langweiler: Sei hoa waht im Wind
Leeds Club: AC Beat!, Groovy Baby, She’s Gone, The Preacher, Get Replaced II, Head Down
Leisure Collective: Blow Away, Smile, Try To Change
Dominik Leto: I Need Love

Sharron Levy: Punk Thursday, Let me hear you scream, Psycho State
Lizard Beauty: 1970, Down South
Lobsta: Nothing Has Changed, What A Great Day, You Can Get It All
Martin Loecker aka Murmler: We Were Not There
LonelyDays: Sleeping With The Sun, Kiss
Loongow, The: Happy Money Song
Low Light: Light Hearted Scarface upon me (2008), Masquerade
Love Child: Only A Dream
Lucky Strikes Back: Panik, Wir Sind Wie Wir Sind, Danse
The Lungau Big Band: Soul Walk, Play The Game, Pick up the piece

Magic Delphin: Stadt am Meer, Glitzergold, Nie Wieder Allein, Telefon2
The Makemakers: Killing The Director
Manchester Snow: Forrest Lane, Mountaineer, Pulse, Stranger, Wolves, Bonfire
Chris May: Healing, Vicious Circle,Set Me Free
Meetin‘ Moa: Elle A Raison
Mel: Changing, California Lights, Fellow For A Lifetime, I Won’t Let Go, Nobody Lies, Teach, Lovers Succeed, Don’t look back
The Mellow Dicks: Winterreise
The Merry Poppins: I Run, The Gull, Children, Chinese Bars
Microtonner: Nowhere, Seawards, Back Again
Mischa Plus: Better
Moby Stick: What Kind of World, Conservative Talk, Don’t Blame The Day, Rasta Cowboy, PP Rock, Fallen, Bonzai, Raise Ya Voice, Revolution
Mood of Mondrian: Leaves, Autumn
Harald Mörth: Over
Michael Mörth: Vorbei
Harald Mörth aka Late Hour Entertainment: Fresh
Mr. Bluewalker: Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Sweet Dollar Sound
MSMC & Casi-O-Ton: ’s Lebm is hoat, Kämpfen für’s Glück, Mein Stil, Dia, Guitarlude, Hip Hop, In Foam, Kanon, Mackie Messa, Mehr ois a Stodt, Oaweit, Weg
Much 2 Kangaroo: Summer Sun, Wide Wild World
Muddy ConfusioN: Daddy, Holy War
Erwin Müller: Music is in my life
Mynth: Lola, I’M Good

New Morrow: Spread Out
Nici & The Dudes: Feet High
Nigita And The Mellowbeats: Believe Me, A Million Times, Hidden In Time, Money, Thank You
Nu Swifft: Es ist mir ganz egal, Radio, Sternenschiff
The New Jazz Company: Weekend In My Hometown

Offbeat Mafia: Sklaven der Zeit, Zweiundzwanzig
Olympique: Lullaby, Norwegen, Eldorado, Faith Of The Art, No Estate To Remind, Ivory
On Wings to Kashmir: Recently

Papa Joe Band: Geh hoam, Wochenend Blues, Wüda Vogl
Ph Value
: Life Is Too Short
Tom Pi: Phyrrhic Victory
Pirate Radio Station: Im Going Away, Loved By Everyone, The Dark Side Of Rock’n’Roll
Plastic Monroe: Play Double Or Dance, Bathe In Violet, Better Days, Radio Silence
Plastotype: Photograph, The Dawn, God Of Pleasure, Let The Bird Out, Monster
Please Madam: New Error, Open Heaven, Woldtape, Wait For Me
Plomberg: Das Licht In Den Strassen, Die Monster, Rote Sonnen
Poetica Vagabundus: Poetica Vagabundus, Regentag
The Pond Pirates: Cold Iron, Million Stars, My Daddy, Pirate Circus, A Long Way Part II, Hallucination, Joke About Justice, Lose Control, Mind Check, Puppets Wanna Dance, Shout It Out, Travelling
Portal: Sollen wir so sein
Present Tension: Voodoo Shakin, Odd Phillys Fur, Jodldi
Pumpkintits: Hooray For The Chicks, Perfect
Die Punkte: Pünktlich
Purple Souls: The Safety, Frozen Feelings, Valium, Walking Through Walls, High Live, Clear Up Now

Qbensins: In Love
Qbensis Information Transport: 3 Singers
Die Querschläger: So weit so guat, Giatla, Weil da Teife, Es kriagts ins net, Hamma was ma brauchen, Ignorantenplattler, Jeder wiar a will, Negamusi, Zaubara Jaggl

Radio Cool
: Disco Bus (2008)
Reintingmusic: Der Berg
Rene Reiter: Time Warp
Replica: One On One
Rita Anna Fedor: Damaged as I am, Sidewalks, Where The Wild Horses Go
Roia: Stereotype, Suicide Butterfly, In Vivo, Sign Of Rain, Ginger Coloured Afternoon
Room Nr. 6: Molly Darcy
Rotz: Das Ding, Der Garten, Sofa, Draußen vor der Stadt, Faule Wörter, Grievience, Löwenkinder
Royal Guitar Club: Annabelle’s Room, Awakening, Thousand Miles
Rubberfresh: Peel Me, Sold, My Ride, Call Me

Sally Golden Boy: Blue Me
Scheiterhaufen: 2some
Martin Schönegger: Outlines
The Second Taboo: JR To Dance
Sea of Disorder: Chapter I – Frozen Tide, Chapter II – And From The Deep Gloom Came The Stillness Before The Crush Upon The Sea And To Awake The Secluded Conqueror
The See Saw: Love For Sale, Make IT Together, One Too Far (G), Probleme Romantique
The Sellout: Black Days, Generation Slave, Here And Now
Sequence Of Tenses: King Of Signs (2008), Fall, The Fregance, Light Speed Life
The Sheepbrothers: Ray Ban, Immigration, Postcard, Somebody
Six Ma’am: A Review of Fundaments, Johnny’s Cash
S.K. Invitational: Drop It, On Thin Ice, Du warst mein Baby, Got U, Mad Time, New Age, One Degree, Rooar
Skaverells: Big Things
Soda Export: Ghostman, Part Of The Game
The Sooks: Hooter Girls, My Green
Soulsearch: In Earth
Soundbreed: Exit, One Trillion Feet, Unjustifyable
Steamin Sattelites: Theory Unspoken, Karate Party, This City, Witches
Stygma IV: At The End Of My Day
The Superminx: The Unknown
Scoville: Looks Like Merengue
Skroclub: Domono, Kensington Road, My Heart Strikes On Devils Side, The Rhythm Of Our Heart, The River
Solid Grinding: Jerk, Das wahre Leben, An der Zeit
Son Griot: I Don’t Mind, Rauch Ausm Keller, Switch Off The Lights, Liacht
Soriceau: Poison
SoundbreeD: Exit, One Trillion Feet, Unjustifyable
Speed Limit: Black Dessous, Lady
Spycats: Little To Win
Standard Delivery: Make It Happen

The Talisman Collection: What We Found, 1987, Circles
Tanqueray: Babylon Burns
Tempted To Deception: nosinU
Thaiman: Musterabend
The More Or The Less: All In All, How To Lose The War, As Seen By The Things, Ms Anderson, Oh My Mary, A Backyard Affair, Something Like Now, I Let You Go, Concerning Words & Hearts, The Ukulele Song, When We Happen To Collide
Thirteen: I Need Your Love, You’re my light tonight
Tian: Just A Song, Pontius Pilatus
Tomtation: Optical, Looking At, Bucket Surfer, Robo Jive, Back To The Things (feat. Philomenia)
Torso: Who Are You?
Toxic Insanity: Originaltonliga, Zur Sonne (2008)
Traumpfad: Die Kreise schließen sich, Angstfabrik
Tripping In London: Far Away, Fire
The Tryp: Hidden Beauty, What Do You Want, Am I Not Alone, Little, Monkey
Trailerpark: Living In Fear
Trockenmoos: Cervello, Green Village, Neuronquencher
Tröbinger: Dieses Jahr nach Rom, Siegersamenspender, Blutige Knie (2008)

Renato Unterberg:  All Her Glory, Silhouettes And Smoke, Stoned, Dressed In Red, Habits, Pushing It, Waiting
Urban Trip: Its Me
User: Abyse, Ordho
U 8: Fantasy for dreamers, Children of the Sea

The Vintage Cinema Club: Back on the dark side

Waste of Ink: Das Glas ist halb getrunken, Belügen wir uns doch nicht selbst, Ein echter Freund, Bahsteig Zwei, Eins zu Neunundneunzig
Wishmop: Birds, Meine Wege

X-Pack: Driving In The Sunrise

Zufallstreffer: Was wäre wenn, Parkbank, Zeig mir deine Eltern, Was Wir Tun (2008), Halt dich fes, Kurzer Moment


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